Richard P Parsons

My Free Offer at Naming Creatively!

My Free Offer consists of unrestricted and unlimited access to the
Off-site DNS capability of a standard Naming Creatively account.

Create a new account, without any commitment and identify the
Domain Name for which you wish to manage the DNS settings.

Please Note: To be able to take advantage of My Free Offer, a
client will need to be able to change a domain name's authoritative
nameservers to those specified in the control panel and be able to
identify the IP address of the preferred Host. With My Free Offer,
only one IP address is needed to host a website, rather than two.
 Please call +44.1794341405 for assistance.

Alternatively, connect with me on Ecademy and apply to become
an 'information contributor' at
(currently links to the website of Jason Jennings)

A Naming Creatively Account is a powerful method for managing
collaborative online projects because of the ability to grant team
members AccountExec privileges without compromising security.

Click here for a screen print of the Total DNS Control Panel.

Please note my disclaimer below

I will only have any responsibility for an outcome,
if I have been contractually involved in a project.

Some of my webpages may contain Affiliate
Marketing links. See below for more information!

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More companies are now using affiliate marketing to
save on the cost of sales and distribution. Evaluation
of the risks associated with any new affiliate business
are often best discussed in an online community forum.